Otterbox Reflex Series Case for Iphone 4/4S Review

By | Jan 1, 2012

I got an Iphone 4s for my birthday back in October, and of course, knowing how clumsy I can be with my phone at times, there was no way I was going to use it, until I bought a case for it.

I wanted a case which was specifically designed for the 4s, and after much research I decided on the otterbox Reflex Series case. You can buy it direct from otterbox for US$34.95

Now I have seen a number of drop tests for the iphone 4/4s and the screen just shatters even with a normal everyday drop. The ultimate in protection seemed to be the otterbox defender series, but that case looked way too restrictive, and no way I would want to compromise to that degree on the every day use of the item, besides, I had no plans to drop it in water, or from a ten storey building. What really sold me on buying the reflex series was this drop test video from

Negatives about the case

1. The case I got, it had a small tiny sharp piece on the front lip, which is not really a problem, because it could easily be scraped off using just your finger. It was only a minor annoyance.

2. The hole at the top for the earphones may be a little too small. When I first pulled my earphone cable out of it, the cable shield got ruined. So this is something you may want to be careful about. Possibly something otterbox may want to address in future designs.

Positives about the case

1. It really does protect your case well, as advertised. I have dropped the phone three times, including dropping it on a hard concrete road, with not even a scratch on it. It has a protective lip to protect the front screen and the rubber inserts no doubt help protect the phone upon impact.

2. It does not add much to the overall size of the phone and does not impact on the everyday use of it. Yes, you have to install a screen protector on it for it to fit properly, but I do that anyways. The case comes with otterbox screen protectors, but I purchased anti-glare ones separately.

3. It fits to the phone with relative ease and is a tight secure fit. Note, I would make sure to get the newer model which I believe has a velvet insert on the inside.  Basically when you hold the two pieces together without the phone, they will not hold together, and this was my main reluctance to buy this two piece case, you just have to trust me on this, it is a tight fit, and the case stays on securely and does not come apart unless you specifically apply pressure to remove it.

4.  The case is made in USA. This was a real big surprise to me, nearly everything is made in China these days.

Overall I would give the case a solid 9/10, taking off one mark only for the headphone socket not being large enough.

Note: In addition to being sold directly from otterbox for $34.95, you should be able to buy one from amazon as well.

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