Female Gamers

By | Dec 27, 2008

I was reading the following article by a well known Australian Newspaper. One very interesting statistic stated was that females make up 46% of the online gaming population. I believe the figure quoted may apply only to Australia, but Australia is a lot like the USA. So what do you think? 1. Do females really make [...]

Christmas Presents

By | Dec 26, 2008

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, all I got was cash, but then I bought my own presents a couple of weeks before Christmas. I just read through all 15 pages of this thread to see what fellow CF members got, looks like Santa bought mep916 what he wanted. But the coolest christmas present ever, [...]

Best Buy Drive Through

By | Dec 24, 2008

This would have to be the ultimate service for people who like to avoid human contact at all costs. If you can get your food at a drive through, it would be awesome to pick up your gadgets in the same way and have somebody load it into your car.  I very rarely order online [...]

TechZine – Technology Magazine

By | Dec 21, 2008

Well my friends at ComputerForum.com have been asking for a tech news/product reviews type area for quite some time now.  The most recent discussion was here, where a poll was created about whether we should release our own magazine. Apart from the massive resources that would require, well quite frankly, print media is on the way out. By [...]

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