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All users with over 100 posts are welcome to submit blog posts for our official blog. Please be advised, that not all blog posts submitted will appear on the blog, and some may be edited before appearing on the site.

Also all blog posts must not infringe on anyone else’s copyright, must link to their source of information, and where possible, only use images which are from the manufacturers website.

Getting access to write a blog post is a simple three step process.

1. Register at techzine via the following link

2. Send a private message to Ian, the administrator at  You will need 100 posts to send a private message. Be sure to mention your techzine username and just request your account be set to “Contributor” status.

3. Once your account has been set to Contributor status, which will be notified to you via private message at, you can then login to and write a blog post for review.

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