Windows 7 Public Beta

By | Jan 18, 2009

windows7This past weekend, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced the release of the Windows 7 Public Beta. While there was originally a 2.5 million download limit, the enthusiasm shown by users has inspired Microsoft to lift that limit. According to Brandon LeBlanc, all users will have access to the public beta until January 24th. So head over to the Windows 7 page and join me and thousands of other users in this treacherous but exciting download (yay 200 KB/s).

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Fallout 3 Named CF Game of the Year

By | Jan 17, 2009

fallout3The polls have closed and it’s official folks, the members of have named Fallout 3 game of the year 2008.

It received 28 votes. In second place was Grand Theft Auto 4 with 13 votes closely followed by Left 4 Dead which garnered 12.

Fallout 3 is an action role-playing-game released by Bethesda (makers of Oblivion) on October 28, 2008. The game takes place in 2277 in Washington D.C., 200 years after a nuclear war which devastated the country. While the game has items, attributes, and stats like an RPG, it also incorporates elements from survival horror games and first person shooters making it appealing to many different types of gamers.  It is commonly praised for its expansive world, memorable characters, and gripping story. Continue Reading >>

Canon Powershot 1100IS Review

By | Jan 14, 2009

The SD1100IS is one of the latest in Canons line of point and shoot digital cameras. It is competitively priced at around $200 at time of writing, which puts it into a very competitive place as far as digital cameras go. Fortunately, this one has plenty of style and functionality to make it stand above the rest. The first thing I realized upon taking it out of the box was how heavy and strongly built the camera felt. The 1100IS itself is small, measuring 3.25″ long and 2″ tall, with half an inch of depth. Oddly enough, everything is well spaced out and the buttons are large enough to be easily accessible.

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LG Flatron M2294 Review

By | Jan 11, 2009


The television market has always been one that’s been subject to rapid changes; 5 years ago you could get a plasma that needed an external input box, 2 years ago you could get a HD plasma or LCD that could run up to 1080p but was the size of Belgium and now the manufacturers are going miniature again with ‘HD’ (I’ll explain the inverted commas later) screens as low as 19″. My current television is a Sharp, which for the last 3 years has seen several thunder bugs die behind the outer panel because the local farmers seem to do their harvesting at the one time you need your windows open because your PC is gently turning the room into a kiln. These black splodges suggested I needed to purchase a new one, which I duly did in the form of the LG M2294D (which in so much as I can tell the model number means it’s a 22″ screen) Continue Reading >>

Latest Forum News – 11th January 2009

By | Jan 11, 2009

1. The site was down for a short while today while I upgraded the forum to the latest vbulletin version 3.8.0. If anybody notices any errors, be sure to let me know.

mep916 was appointed as a Super Moderator today. Nobody likes spam on the forum, so having an extra person on hand who can delete spam, especially some of the obscene material that sometimes gets posted, should definitely come in handy. Thanks mep916 for volunteering.

3.  The following three members were made VIP members, ScoutCalibretto, and TFT.

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Favourite movies of 2008

By | Jan 4, 2009

Well, there was no poll, but I did a rough count of the movies that members voted as their favourite for 2008 and the results were as follows:


1. The Dark Knight, with 23 votes, no surprise here.

2. Iron Man, with 9 votes, my last minute vote bumped it into second spot.

3. Wall-E with 8 votes. Personally I did not like this movie.

The vote thread is here.

Coolermaster V8 Review

By | Jan 3, 2009

It started in early December when my wife asked me “what do you want for Christmas?”  She wanted to get something for my computer but of course she had no idea what exactly to get.  I found the Coolermaster V8 on German ebay for 52 Euros, about $70 U.S. dollars.  When it arrived she wanted me to wait until Christmas and unwrap it with the family.  I told her “I have to see if everything is ok in the case we have to return it.”  Here are some observations
The packaging was well designed and protected the cooler from a smashed box corner during shipping.  The Cooler is aesthetically pleasing with a soft red LED light mounted inside.  It looks spectacular, my first thoughts were very well engineered piece of hardware.  When I took the cooler out of the package I was fully expecting to give it a once over lapping job.  When I saw the contact surface I realized a lapping job would ruin it.  The contact surface is nearly polished chrome, very nice quality indeed.


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War Games – The Dead Code

By | Jan 2, 2009

wargamesWell I spotted this in the video rental store, the fact they had only one copy of it, suggested it would no doubt be a b-grade movie. Sure enough it was an average movie, but for fans of the original War Games, made 25 years ago, this movie was a must see.
This movie was made in 2008 and billed as the sequel to the original War Games. Personally I would have preferred if they had remade the original for today and tried to add a degree of realism to the movie. But alas, that was not to be. The highlight of the movie was the appearance of WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) with its 5.25″ floppy drive. One downside of the movie, was that at times, it looked like one big advertisement for Pringles Chips, when you see the movie, you will know.
I would rate the movie 5 out of 10. Discussion Thread here.

Is Windows worth the money and is Linux for You?

By | Jan 1, 2009

ubuntucA lot of people on the forums seem to be interested in Linux. Some got sick of Vista. Perhaps as a result of low hardware specs? Some want more security and some just want a free operating system. Those who want more security are in luck, Linux, which is based on UNIX (if you don’t know what UNIX is don’t worry about it), in my opinon is more secure than Windows. Users who are unhappy with Vista will find Linux to run very fast, even on old hardware, but is Linux really a good alternative to Windows? Isn’t Windows worth the money? Maybe, but maybe not.
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Samsung Omnia Unboxing

By | Dec 30, 2008

I am considering the Samsung Omnia as a replacement for my aging Dopod 838 Pro, and came across this video unboxing. It starts off rather amateurish, but then becomes quite impressive.

more details can be found at
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